Apexaura had its beginning in the year 2014 in Sri Lanka with the objective of providing organic herbal food products, by employing modern technological resources in manufacturing and distribution. We aimed at overcoming limitations to access as well as to preparation of traditional herbal foods which is increasingly being discarded by the hectic modern lifestyle due to inconvenience of its usage.

Moreover the company pioneered the concept of providing a stable income first time in the world to those who engaged in Direct Selling of our products by offering them a monthly fixed income which was one of the drawbacks of the Direct Selling industry since its inception.

Within the brief existence as little as two years Apexaura has scaled great heights of success in the direct selling industry as well in herbal foods industry due to our commitment to remain young dynamic and energetic company which responds to market and consumer demands with foresight.

We are always committed to provide the best in quality of our products by ensuring our compliance to international standards such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and GMP certifications.

Our organic herbal food supplements range focuses on help overcoming and preventing the strains of modern lifestyles by offering the following categories of products

  • Aiding for faster fat burning
  • Nourishments for healthy skin
  • Booster for immune system
  • Fighting fatigue and Boosting stamina
  • Anti aging and detoxification

In addition to our food supplement range, Apexaura is currently venturing into Beauty and Home Care markets with the objective of offering our customers unique products with organic herbal benefits.
With the confidence of great success which we have already achieved in the local market Apexaura aspires to be a player in the global arena in near future.

Be the foremost business organization in the wellness industry by delivering products and services with passion and commitment which exceeds customer expectation by adoption of customer service and innovation
Striving to elevate the mental and physical wellbeing of customers by offering organic and herbal products and services which far outweighs the industry standard

Good Manufacturing Practice

ISO 22000:2005

HACCP Codex Alimentarius

ISO 9001:2008

Food Safe Policy

Quality policy (ISO 9001 : 2015)